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We would love to meet with you to discuss your Training and Sales Video requirements. We can do an initial assessment via Skype or Telephone; after which we can plan a trip to your facility.


Assessment of your Facility and Products will help us to determine exactly what the project will entail. We will use this meeting to collect all the material and information needed to produce an accurate roadmap. We are discreet and will honor All Non-Disclosure Agreements. We only use portfolio material passed by the client.


At this stage we will have clear objectives, and a focused Production Schedule to complete a given set of tasks. We will produce an easy to follow Schedule, which you as the client can follow closely online (via Login) as we complete our goals on time and on budget.


As you can imagine, this is where we really get excited. This is where we pour our creative souls into the pot to create the right material for the right audience.

We employ professional translators to produce scripts that are clear and accurate for all languages.


We pride ourselves on fast and accurate delivery on all our projects. We are Passionate , Flexible and  EXTREMELY good value.

But most importantly, we’re Experienced in our sector.


For training material ,we count the project a success when we can prove retention rates are high. With our Project Training Platform (LMS), we provide a repository for all the material in one place. Groups of employees can be expected to view the material on a recurring time-frame to keep the material fresh in everyone’s minds.